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Horses For Adoption

We have so many horses move in and out that it is best to check out the horses we have for adoption on FACEBOOK on our group page GREENWOOD STABLES AND EQUINE RESCUE

If you are interested in adopting a horse the following requirements are required:

1. You must sign a contract stating that you give the horse all the proper nutrition, vet, and farrier care.

2.  You must provide adequate space for your horse to live in. If in a stalled boarding area must have turn out time every day.

3. It is recommended but not required that you have two horses so that your horse will not be lonely.

4. All adopted equines cannot be sold without notification to the rescue and giving the rescue first choice to buy the horse back.

5.  No mares can be bred.

6. Some horses require an adoption fee. This fee is based on the horses age, health and training.

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